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What's the deal with decaf?

Decaf coffee? Why would anyone drink it?

Turns out there are a multitude of reasons why decaf coffee is needed. From caffeine allergies to pregnancy, there are millions of people who want their coffee, but need it a little less potent. All we need is a coffee bean that doesn't have any caffeine in it, easy right? Since caffeine is naturally occurring in coffee beans, removing it must be done manually before roasting. This process has been done commercially since 1903, but only by using harsh chemicals such as benzene, methylene

dichloride, and ethyl acetate. It was clear that a method was needed that didn't involve deadly chemicals and in the 1970's the water method was born. Instead of soaking the beans in chemicals, the beans are soaked in water and dried multiple times, with each end batch being less caffeinated. There are multiple names for this, but the process our suppliers use is the Mountain Water Process.

What is decaf coffee? Decaf coffee comes from coffee beans that have at least 97% of the caffeine removed. Because not all the caffeine is removed, you will still have a small amount of caffeine in each cup. It may not give you the same jolt as a “regular” cup of joe, but it is a nice alternative for those who are wanting to cut back on caffeine.

Can you taste a difference? The decaf process does slightly change the smell and taste of the coffee beans. However, after you make your first cup and take a sip, you can adjust the amount to a strength you enjoy.

Why buy Blackbird Roasters decaf coffee beans? Blackbird Roasters purchases high-quality beans that uses mountain water to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99% caffeine-free. The mountain water process does not compromise the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics. This process is a 100% chemical free, certified organic by OCIA, and results in a great tasting cup of coffee.

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