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French Press Brew Guide

French Press

Brew Guide

Using a French press produces a dense and heavy bodied cup of coffee. This is largely the result of not requiring a paper filter to strain out the ground coffee. If brewed incorrectly, the resulting cup can be bitter and chalky. By following the six step guide below, we believe you can achieve a pure cup of delicious coffee.

Step One - A French Press is best brewed with water at 200F, which should be easy to attain with an electric kettle. If you are without one, bring your water to a boil then let sit for approximately one minute before pouring.

Step Two - As your water is heating, measure out a grind your coffee beans. We recommend a 17-1 water to grounds ratio, if not using a scale, two level tablespoons for every six ounces of coffee grounds should do the trick.

Step Three - Pour just enough water to wet all of the grounds and let sit for a minute, this is called the bloom. Make sure to get a strong smell as the aroma of the bloom is the best thing you will smell all day.

Step Four - After the bloom, it is time to add the rest of your water. Using a wooden spoon or chopstick, gently stir the grounds for an additional 30 seconds. Place the lid on top of the press, but don't plunge yet.

Step Five - Let the coffee steep for 3:30 and while you are waiting, it is always a good idea to heat up your cup with any leftover hot water. A pre-warmed cup keeps your coffee at the correct temperature much longer.

Step Six - Press the plunger fully to the bottom of the press, pour and serve immediately. Voila! You are ready to enjoy a little cup of heaven.

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